The Grand Valley Art Student’s League


A League dedicated to artists and artisans working together to promote art study.


The Grand Valley Art Students League exists to provide an educational resource linking area art study programs and teachers to potential students. Additionally, the League will facilitate mentor relationships; encourage participation by artists & artisans in local art events and activities; and provide a monthly “artists-at-work” venue for interactions not only artist-to-artist, but also between artists and the public. The Grand Valley Art Students League is cross media, cross generational and intended to provide service to all local art organizations, clubs, schools and private teachers.


Monthly Open Studios at the Art Center, 7th & Orchard, Grand Junction, CO. 2nd Saturdays, 10-4. Members may work, study and participate. The public is welcome to join us to see art & crafts in the making.

General Information

Members are artists working at any level, in any manageable medium that lends itself to public execution and interaction. They are sculptors, potters, weavers, glass workers, carvers, painters, draftsmen, bookbinders, basket weavers, silk painters, photographers, collage artists. The deciding criteria for membership is that original art, in some form, must be made by the member, and that member must commit to encourage the creation and study of art by others. No distinction is made between art and craft – originality is the key. Members’ work is not subject to a jury process, and no competitions will be held. The Open Studios are a working event, and not an art-for-sale venue.

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